Heidelberg University

Statistics II

Winter term 2017/2018


  • Time: Tuesdays (11:15–12:45 am), Thursdays (11:15–12:45 Uhr)
  • Location: Mathematikon INF205, Seminar Room 5



Amongst others, the course will cover these topics:
  • Asymptotics of Mamximum Likelihood Estimators
  • Test Theory: Likelihood-Ratio-Test, Wald-Test, Score-Test
  • Local Asymptotic Normality (LAN)
  • Contiguity
  • Asymptotic Efficiency of Tests
  • Ranktests

Registration for exercise groups

You can sign up for an exercise group with MÜSLI. In case of problems please contact Alexander Kreiß.

Exercise groups

The exercise class will be tutored by Joseph Meyer, it will be held every
  • Wednesday, 9am - 11am in Seminar Room 10, Mathematikon.
To attend the exercise group, please register on MÜSLI (please do this now, so we know how many students are going to atted the class).

Homework Assignments

Exercise sheets will be available for download here (weekly). Please hand in your solutions one week after the excercise sheet was uploaded. Your achieved marks will count for exam admission.


In order to take the exam you have to achieve at least 50% of the achievable points of the homework assignments.

Your final grade for this course corresponds to your exam result.

First Exam:
Second Exam:
It is not allowed to bring any items or texts to the exam. In particular you may not use calculators, lecture notes or any other hand or machine written material.